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Gamelight: $6M/month AI Campaign for a Top Grossing Mobile Game

Gamelight’s AI Platform is the 1st mobile marketing platform that relies solely on AI Algorithms and Mechanics to optimise marketing campaigns. The algorithm is able to self-adapt and optimise marketing campaigns without any human intervention, redefining the way mobile marketing campaigns are handled. 
Gamelight’s AI Algorithm analyses vast amounts of data, including users' app usage data, demographic data and behavioural patterns to drive high engagement and monetization to partner games.
We partnered with one of the largest casual mobile game publishers globally, with multiple titles in the Top 20 Grossing charts in the US.

The publisher allocated a $6M budget and wanted to scale one of their titles in the US on Gamelight’s game recommendation platform, receive 200.000 installs within a month, and reach short-term and long-term ROAS goals below:
ROAS D1: 4.2%
ROAS D7: 20.5%
ROAS D30: 38.8%
We created user profiles to find overlapping audiences between actively engaged users of the game and new users we deliver to them. Audiences  with high overlap are predicted to behave positively within the game and engage with it on a long-run.

The algorithm's objective is to deliver the highest possible performance by maximizing ROAS, ARPU, Engagement rate, and Retention rate for promoted titles.
We delivered 200.000 installs during April 2023 in the US reaching partner's advertising budget for the campaign. Despite high CPI bids which typically makes it more difficult to achieve a high ROAS, we not only met partner's ROAS goals, but exceeded them significantly:
ROAS D1: 5.5%
ROAS D7: 24.6%
ROAS D30: 47.1%
With the power of our advanced AI algorithm, we have surpassed our partner's ROAS targets by a significant margin, while delivering substantial volumes of new users to the promoted title. 

Furthermore, we achieved a remarkable
380% increase in ARPU and 520% increase in ARPPU compared to what the partner typically achieves on their game through other channels.
This enabled the game publisher to maximize their returns from the limited user base, considering the market saturation that occurs with their well-known titles. By leveraging our loyalty platform solution, they are able generate 4-5 times higher revenues from the same user base size, unlocking significant potential for their game.
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