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Business Development

🍕 Hates pizza with pineapple
🎙️ Had a Podcast
📖 Would love to write a novel

I’m José from Lisbon, Portugal, born and raised.

How would you describe gamelight using three hashtags?

#innovative #algorithm #gamechanger

If you were to create a game or app about your life, what would it be, and what would it look like? 

It would be a game similar to Spore and a Real Life Simulator. It would look like Hogwarts Legacy game and you would unlock perks during your live to achieve different and ever-changing life goals.

What would you choose: Sea or Mountains? Sunny or Snowy? Cats or Dogs? Morning or Night Person? 

Sea - Sunny - Cats - Night. Easy

Which dream country do you want to visit and why? 

My dream travels are Japan and India. I think their culture is so different from what I’m used to that it would be 2 great experiences.

How did you come to be in BD?

It was very natural honestly. I always enjoyed talking with people and since I was little it is always me organising football games or hangouts with my friends. When I started my working live I went to sales straight away. I like the challenge and the felling of doing business.

What are your responsibilities in gamelight?

I’m responsible for bringing new partners to our platform, so that our users always have something fresh to try!

What are 3 things you like the most about your job?

I like that I can work remotely but at the same time having the feeling of being very close to each member of the team. I also really like the BD role and I find it refreshing to meet new interesting people. My main drive and the feeling that satisfies me the most is closing a new deal!

What is your daily routine, and what keeps you motivated during the day? 

I like to start my days replying to pending topics our answering emails, then I like to have breakfast and do BD during most of my day. After work I’ll go for a run or indoor climbing and that really gives me energy. I good cinema session is always welcome too!

With whom in the team would you switch work positions for 1 day? Why? 

Probably with Marketing. I feel like it gives us the freedom to be more creative :)

What are your main highlight moments in gamelight?

So far the highlight moment has been the final Pitch training with Günay. Let me just say that it was difficult!

Why does someone need to join the gamelight team? Do you have any recommendations for your future teammates?

We are young, motivated, and focused! I think it’s very cool to be working in a team from several countries with top-notch UA Gaming technology. This is a very fun industry.  


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