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Business Development

🏀 Professional basketball player
👜 Into fashion and startups
✈️ Loves travelling

I’m Monika. I'm from Poland but living in Edinburgh.

I graduated with BA in International Marketing & Business with Mandarin Chinese and MSc in Strategic and Digital Marketing. I am a (former) professional basketball player. No time to play full-time these days

How would you describe gamelight using three hashtags?

#catpeople #growing #ambitious

If you were to create a game or app about your life, what would it be, and what would it look like?

It would be a mixture of Sims and Match 3/Puzzle. So something like Homescapes (my fav) but wayyy more advanced and with better creatives to decorate and actually create the characters yourself

What would you choose: Sea or Mountains? Sunny or Snowy? Cats or Dogs? Morning or Night Person?

Definitely sea and sunny weather. I like both Dogs and Cats but more Dogs. hmm, I am a little bit of a morning-night person.

Which dream country do you want to visit and why?

So, my dream holiday would be somewhere in French Polynesia and I am dreaming of visiting South Korea.

How did you come to be in BD?

I graduated in Marketing and Business so both concepts are very familiar to me. I enjoy making new connections, speaking with people, and attending conferences around the world.

What are your responsibilities in gamelight?

At gamelight, I work with our partners, and also I represent the company at international events in the mobile industry.

What are 3 things you like the most about your job?

That it is not 100% from the office so I'm not wasting time commuting, constantly learning something new, traveling for conferences, and meeting new people. I always got feedback that I would do great in sales as people find me friendly and open up to me. I also wanted to have hands-on experience with building and expanding businesses and be in direct contact with partners.

What is your daily routine, and what keeps you motivated during the day?

I wake up 1h before I start my work to exercise in the morning, make tea, and follow up on some tasks. Then I have a deep work mode until lunch. I try to get some fresh air and then after lunch I continue with the tasks and planning for the next day. I am an extrovert so I sometimes go to coffee shops to work from as I cannot work all the time from home haha.

What are your main highlight moments in gamelight?

I think if I am to pick one, it will be my first conference. We literally planned it in half a day, and I flew to Tel Aviv.

Why does someone need to join the gameligh team? Do you have any recommendations for your future teammates?

The company is constantly growing, and you are growing with the company too! Every day you would learn many things and develop yourself further. If needed, the team is very supportive, and we help each other out.


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