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Project Management

🥾 Enjoys hiking
🎸 Music festivals fan
📚 Learns new languages

Hello, I'm Sasha. I'm originally from Kyiv.

How would you describe gamelight using three hashtags?

#positivevibes #support #growth

If you were to create a game or app about your life, what would it be, and how would it look like?

It would be a retro roguelike game where I would play like a cute little duck and face evil breadcrumbs.

What would you choose: Sea or Mountains? Sunny or Snowy? Cats or Dogs? Morning or Night Person?

Compromise for sea and the mountains 🤪; I like sunny weather, cats and dogs; And I am a night person

Which dream country do you want to visit and why?

I want to visit the USA and have a road trip there.

How did you come to be in marketing?

I started to work as a social media manager because my manager just told me to try, as they needed someone to do it.

What are your responsibilities in gamelight ?

At gamelight, I work as a social media manager with TikTok and LinkedIn. Also, I have some PR tasks.

What are 3 things you like the most about your job?

I enjoy the challenge that comes with my work and appreciate the ability to work remotely while staying fully connected and included. Additionally, I value the opportunity to express my creativity.

What is your daily routine, and what keeps you motivated during the day?

The main component of my day is learning the languages 30-60 minutes in the morning, having a workout every day after work, and meditating before I go to sleep.

With whom in the team would you switch work positions for 1 day? Why?

I would switch roles with someone from the business development team because I'm curious about the business development process and would like to know how to make powerful connections and network effectively.

What are your main highlight moments in gamelight ?

I enjoy team call events because it keeps us connected and allows us to know each other more.

Why does someone need to join the gamelight team? Do you have any recommendations for your future teammates?

If you want to grow, be able to express your creative approach to things, and learn more about gaming and apps, gamelight is just right for you! My recommendation is to be yourself and not to be afraid to face new challenges! And to be curious and adventurous!


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