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37% of gamers in Asia are female, with mobile as their preferred platforms

A recent report by Niko Partners highlights the growing presence of female gamers in Asia. Currently, 37% of gamers in the region are female, and this number is projected to increase by 11% annually, almost twice the rate of male gamers.

The Philippines has the highest proportion of female gamers, while India and China have the smallest. Mobile gaming is the preferred platform for female gamers, with 95% of them playing on mobile devices. The accessibility of mobile gaming contributes to the almost even gender split in the mobile-first SEA region.

Female gamers already account for 23.5% of all gaming revenue in Asia, and this figure is expected to nearly double in the coming years.

The report emphasizes that female gamers are a significant force in the video games market and recommends game developers and companies to adopt a female-friendly approach in game development and marketing strategies. Hiring women to shape game titles, create marketing campaigns, and influence the portrayal of women in video games is seen as a beneficial move for companies seeking to enter or expand in the Asian market.

Although the majority of female players in Asia are casual gamers, the report highlights a rising number of female Gen Z gamers engaging in competitive gaming and esports. Puzzle games are the top genre among female players in Asia, with 39.2% of those surveyed playing them, followed by MOBA at 26.9% and battle royale at 20.3%.

Despite the increasing presence of female gamers, more than half express dissatisfaction with the portrayal of female characters and face discrimination within the gaming space. Niko Partners suggests that developers should pay more attention to designing and developing female characters and offer a variety of avatar options to provide a more representative view of the female population.

The report sheds light on the evolving gaming landscape in Asia, with a specific focus on the significant and growing influence of female gamers in the region.

Source: Lewis Rees, Staff Writer at PocketGamerr

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