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48% of Gen Z-ers have at least four gaming apps downloaded

According to a report by marketing firm Fluent, 48% of Gen Z and 45% of Millennials have at least four gaming apps on their phones, with 26% and 23% respectively having seven or more gaming apps installed. Among gamers who prefer RPG and strategy titles, 58% have more than four games on their phones, followed by casino games at 52% and puzzle/mind games at 49%. Interestingly, even non-gamers may have games on their phones, as 50% of those who don't play games admitted to having at least one game installed, possibly for their children.

In terms of future plans, 59% of respondents plan to keep the same number of gaming apps on their phones in the next year, while 19% plan to download more. Gen Z and Millennials are more likely to download more games, with 23% and 24% respectively, stating their intention to do so. However, 26% of Gen Z-ers also plan to decrease the number of games on their phones.

The study found that users with more games on their phones are more likely to download additional games in the next year. Those with seven games on their phones are 33% more likely to download more games, with 24% expressing their intent to do so. However, older generations, such as baby boomers and the silent generation, are less likely to download more games.

Regarding advertising preferences, 48% of users reported no strong preference for either in-game ads or ads outside of apps. Younger generations slightly preferred one ad format over the other (31% either way), while the silent generation preferred ads outside of apps by 45%.

The report identified three key drivers for new game downloads: 32% of respondents were more likely to download a game if there was an opportunity to earn rewards, 20% were receptive to ads on social media, and gameplay videos influenced 16%. Additionally, 55% of respondents stated that they make in-app purchases at least once a year, with Gen Z and Millennials being the most likely age groups to do so. RPG and strategy players were the most frequent in-app purchasers, with 73% making purchases, while gambling and in-game currency/items were the primary drivers of in-app spending.

In a related development, a previous report indicated that 99% of app store spending came from one-time purchases.

Source: Lewis Rees Staff Writer at PocketGamer

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