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62% of marketers plan to use Instagram Reels for influencer campaigns by 2025

The landscape of influencer marketing is evolving, with brands diversifying the platforms they use. Despite this diversification, Instagram continues to maintain its top position. Instagram Reels, in particular, is making significant strides as the dominant influencer marketing platform in the United States, according to the latest "Influencer Marketing by Platform 2023" study from Insider Intelligence.

Instagram Reels' Soaring Popularity

Instagram Reels is on the brink of even greater popularity, with a projected 62.2% of marketers planning to incorporate it into their influencer marketing campaigns by 2025, putting it on par with Facebook. This represents a substantial surge from the 53.7% adoption rate in 2023. The trajectory of this growth aligns Instagram Reels closely with Facebook in terms of influencer marketing usage.

The broader appeal of Instagram, as a whole, is set to be utilized by 97.6% of US marketers in 2023. This extensive adoption can be attributed to Instagram's versatile content formats, robust creator tools, and its ability to reach a vast audience.

Growing number of US marketers using Reels

Source: eMarketer

The Battle for Influencer Marketing Supremacy

While Instagram Reels is the dominant force in terms of usage, TikTok's higher engagement rates mean that it could potentially attract the remaining 46.3% of US marketers who have yet to tap into it for influencer marketing.

Marketers are recognizing the importance of diversifying influencer marketing campaigns across various social channels to effectively engage their target audience. Prioritizing a video-first approach, rather than being platform-specific, allows marketers to connect with audiences across platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and more.

Instagram Reels' ascendance in the influencer marketing landscape underscores the effectiveness of video content in engaging audiences. Another recent report from Insider Intelligence predicts that US influencer marketing spending will exceed $2 billion in 2024, with Instagram leading the way. Notably, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook are also expected to reach the billion-dollar mark in influencer marketing spending. As competition intensifies, marketers must remain adaptable and explore multiple platforms to effectively reach their target demographics.

Key Takeaways

  • Instagram Reels leads with 53.7% adoption in 2023, with a projected increase to 62.2% by 2025.

  • TikTok's higher engagement rates may attract the untapped 46.3% of US marketers.

  • US influencer marketing spending is predicted to surpass $2 billion in 2024, with Instagram in the lead, followed by TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook.

Source: Anne Freer for App Business

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