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94% of Gen Alpha are game enthusiasts, but gaming has universal appeal

Newzoo has recently published a report that delves into the gaming habits of different generations.

The report highlights that gamers can be found across all age groups, but there's a noticeable trend of gaming becoming more popular with each successive generation. According to Newzoo, 40% of baby boomers participate in gaming to some extent, with 43% being enthusiastic gamers. However, the statistics show a significant increase in Gen Alpha, with 94% of this generation engaging with games.

Newzoo also predicts that in the future, older generations will increasingly participate in gaming as new technology makes it more accessible. This suggests that we can expect a broader range of age groups getting involved in gaming activities.

The report discloses that, on average, baby boomers dedicate 11% of their weekly leisure time to playing games. This percentage gradually increases with each successive generation, culminating in Gen Alpha, who allocate 22% of their leisure time to gaming.

Nevertheless, there are significant differences in gaming behavior across various age groups. Younger generations, including Millennials, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha, are more likely to play games on consoles or PCs, platforms that are less accessible but tend to foster higher brand loyalty. Additionally, younger generations are more inclined to play games across multiple platforms, including mobile, with 50% of them doing so.

Mobile gaming maintains its position as the most popular gaming platform across all generations, being the only platform used by more than 50% of any generation. Gen Z, in particular, exhibits a high preference for mobile gaming, with 81% of gamers from this generation playing mobile games, compared to 70% of baby boomers. The accessibility of the platform and the prevalence of free-to-play titles contribute to its success in attracting new players, especially when compared to platforms with higher entry barriers.

Gamers across all generations display a willingness to make in-game purchases, and there is a consistently high player-to-payer conversion rate. Newzoo highlights that mobile gaming has the highest share of paying players among all platforms. Gen Z and Millennials are more likely to be significant spenders, with console gaming having the highest share of big spenders due to the presence of expensive titles in comparison to mobile games.

However, mobile gaming still boasts the highest proportion of paying players across all generations. Within the last six months, 38% of Gen Alpha, Gen Z, and Millennials have spent money on mobile games, compared to 26% of Gen X'ers and 16% of baby boomers. In terms of in-game purchases, in-game currency ranks as the most popular, with new characters, gear, and expansion or content packs also being popular choices among gamers of all ages.

The report highlights specific genre preferences among different age groups. Gen Alpha, on average, engage with six different genres of games, while baby boomers typically play games across 2.8 genres. Adventure games exhibit the broadest appeal, ranking in the top three genres for four generations and securing the top spot for Gen Alpha, Gen Z, and Millennials.

Consuming gaming content, such as gameplay streams, YouTube videos, and esports competitions, is recognized as a crucial engagement factor, especially for younger generations. While individuals from all age groups access such gaming content, younger generations are more likely to do so, with 70% of Gen Alpha participating in both watching and playing.

Gameplay video content holds the broadest appeal, while comedic videos and compilations are particularly popular among younger players. The report suggests that creating such content provides developers and publishers with an effective way to connect with their player base.

Moreover, the report reveals that game enthusiasts across various age groups are open to branded content. Over 50% of Gen Alphas, Gen Zers, and Millennials reported discovering new brands while gaming. This suggests that games offer an ideal platform for brands seeking to deepen their connections with their target audience, especially as more gamers look for real-world connections.

In a separate Newzoo study, it was found that RPG (Role-Playing Game) is the highest-earning genre in 2023 so far.

Source: by Lewis Rees, Staff Writer for PocketGamer

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