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Adjust and TikTok celebrate a remarkable 220% surge in iOS app conversions through SKAdNetwork 4

Adjust, a subsidiary of AppLovin, has collaborated with TikTok to release a comprehensive report offering valuable insights into the realm of iOS SKAdNetwork (SKAN) campaigns for mobile marketers. The report underscores the positive impact of SKAN 4 migration, revealing reduced costs per acquisition and heightened conversion rates. This scalability on iOS is particularly advantageous for marketers seeking to refine their optimization strategies in response to evolving user and data privacy considerations in the tech landscape.

Launched officially in October 2022, Adjust’s SKAN 4 introduced features such as conversion mapping, value graining, and an extended privacy threshold, aligning with the growing importance of user and data privacy. The report delves into the post-ID attribution landscape on iOS, which is expanding as Apple gradually reintroduces analytics opportunities.

In collaboration with TikTok, Adjust's report focuses on the beta testing of 37 apps in the UK, US, and Japan. The study examines how SKAN 4's elongated 35-day attribution window influences conversions. Results from the analysis showcase a notable 37% improvement in TikTok's overall cost per acquisition and a remarkable 220% surge in conversion rates. These outcomes highlight substantial advantages for mobile app makers and marketers utilizing SKAN 4, enabling more precise assessments of effectiveness.

TikTok confirmed that among the 37 apps studied in the beta test, 17 were from mobile gaming clients, emphasizing the broad applicability of SKAN 4 across diverse sectors.

Adjust's Chief Product Officer, Katie Madding, emphasized the eagerness of mobile app marketers to enhance iOS campaign measurement and optimization strategies with privacy-centric attribution. The report aims to alleviate hesitancy about transitioning to SKAN 4, encouraging a shift in mindset toward the possibilities of post-ID attribution on iOS.

The full report by Adjust delves into strategies for maximizing campaign effectiveness on iOS and provides a sneak preview of SKAN 5. In a market where Android accounted for over 70% of ad creatives, the introduction of SKAN 4 by Apple last year sought to simplify iOS campaigns, aligning with industry shifts toward prioritizing user and data privacy.

Source: adapted from an article by Aaron Astle, News Editor for

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