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Apple Rakes in a 36% Slice of the Pie: Google's Generous Cut for Safari Search Ad Revenue!

As the Justice Department's antitrust trial unfolds, details of the secretive Google-Apple agreement are unveiled. Google allegedly pays Apple a hefty 36% share of search ad revenue through Safari, spotlighting the iPhone's pivotal role. With Google reportedly shelling out over $20 billion annually, critics argue it stifles competition, making the financial deal a focal point in the antitrust case.

This financial entanglement has far-reaching implications. For Google, it cements search dominance on Apple devices, while Apple gains a substantial revenue stream, accounting for over 10% of annual profits. Yet, the deal places Apple in a delicate position, defending ties with Google amid privacy concerns. The ongoing trial sheds light on tech industry intricacies, prompting questions about competition, market fairness, and consumer choice.

Recent revelations also expose Google's attempt to pre-install Search on iPhones, adding another layer to the complex dynamics explored in the antitrust proceedings.

Source: adapted from an article by Gizem Yilmaz, Author of Archives for Mobile Marketing Reads.

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