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BeReal’s Financial Performance and User Metrics in 2024

BeReal, a French-born social media app, has captured the attention of the Z generation by embracing authenticity. The app stands out by abstaining from filters, restricting users to a mere two minutes of daily posting—a duration determined by BeReal itself. The essence of immediacy in capturing moments positions the app against the prevailing notions of perfectionism and the pursuit of popularity.

Company Snapshot:

• Release Date: 2020

• Founders: Alexis Barreyat, Kévin Perreau

• Platforms: iOS, Android

• Headquarters: Paris, France

Usage Statistics (2024):

• As of January 2024, BeReal boasts 23 million daily active users, showcasing an uptick from 20 million in August 2023 (Techcrunch).

• In February 2023, the app witnessed a 48% decline in daily active users from its peak in October, settling at 10.4 million users (Business of Apps).

User Growth Timeline:

• January 2023: The app garnered 3.3 million global downloads.

• April 2023: Cumulative installs across App Store and Google Play reached around 90 million.

• September 2022: Brazil surpassed the UK as the second-largest market, accounting for just over 1 million downloads.

• August 2022: BeReal topped the U.S. App Store, surpassing Facebook and TikTok.

• June 2022: BeReal amassed 27.9 million downloads, with nearly 50% from the U.S., followed by the UK, France, and the Netherlands.

• July 2022: Monthly active users surged from 921,000 (July 2021) to 21.6 million.

Funding Rounds:

• June 2021: BeReal raised $30 million in a funding round, with participation from A16z, Accel, and DST.

• May 2022: A subsequent funding round secured $60 million, valuing the company at around €600 million.

BeReal’s unique approach, rejecting conventional notions of social media success, has resonated with users worldwide, reflecting in its growing user base and notable funding rounds. As the platform evolves, its emphasis on authenticity continues to shape a distinctive space in the dynamic realm of social media.

Source: adapted from an article by Jordan Bevan, Author for Mobile Marketing Reads.

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