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Despite the genre's decline, Travel Town experiences significant revenue growth

Magmatic Games' Travel Town has secured a significant position within the gaming industry, claiming the third spot on the Top Trending revenue chart for casual games globally. This chart, highlighting applications with notable growth rates over specific periods, serves as a vital indicator of shifts within the targeted niche. A detailed analysis by AppMagic delves into the success story of Travel Town.

Travel Town has emerged as a pioneer in the merge-2: Orders subgenre, consistently achieving substantial growth, nearly doubling its revenue annually. Despite an overall decline in the merge genre, the game's innovative strategies have propelled its success. Although Travel Town briefly lost its leading position in the highest-grossing charts in 2023, it swiftly regained its standing, owing to a significant emphasis on LiveOps. The game's impressive rate of introducing new events is evident from the graph, showcasing its commitment to player engagement.

The LiveOps strategy implemented by Travel Town is noteworthy for its diversity, surpassing conventional norms of the genre. The game features a range of events with varying durations and content, strategically incorporating weekend events to capitalize on heightened player engagement and spending during these periods.

A distinctive aspect of Travel Town's approach lies in the customization of event skins, ensuring consistent gameplay across all target markets while catering to diverse national styles through visual adjustments. For instance, when targeting France, the game adapts event aesthetics to resonate with local culture by incorporating relevant iconic symbols.

Travel Town's most impactful advertisements include instructional videos, partially misleading story-driven creatives, and gameplay demonstrations. Google AdMob plays a predominant role in delivering impressions (74%), supplemented by contributions from Facebook (13%) and Unity (3%). These concerted efforts have driven Magmatic Games' leading merge title to achieve remarkable year-over-year growth of 393%, with total earnings approaching $100 million since February 2022.

In terms of regional revenue distribution, Travel Town garners the largest percentage of its earnings from the USA (35%), followed by South Korea (10%) and the UK (5%). Store-wise, revenue is nearly evenly split, with Google Play (52%) slightly outweighing the App Store (48%).

Source: adapted from an article by Baytan Uğur Yem, Author for Mobidictum.

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