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Dream Games’ Royal Match is top for consumer spend, but Monopoly Go sees the biggest increase

The Q3 2023 gaming landscape reveals interesting shifts as "Royal Match" by Dream Games maintains its position as the top game for consumer spending, while "Monopoly Go" by Scopely makes a remarkable leap in spending rankings.

According to's latest "Market Pulse" report, "Royal Match" secured the leading position for consumer spending on a global scale, surpassing popular titles like "Candy Crush Saga," "Roblox," "Monopoly Go," and even "Honor of Kings." Notably, "Monopoly Go" exhibited a significant surge in rankings, catapulting 26 places up the chart, a noteworthy achievement for a relatively new title.

Elsewhere, "Subway Surfers" continues to dominate the global download charts in Q3, while "Roblox" takes the lead in terms of monthly active users. "Royal Match" has made an impressive climb, advancing about five places in the rankings, with "Monopoly Go" quickly gaining ground.

"Royal Match" has consistently demonstrated its prowess in the mobile gaming arena, dethroning the reigning champion "Candy Crush" in a surprising twist back in July. It surpassed King's flagship title in both revenue and downloads.

Of particular significance is the fall of "Honor of Kings" from its long-held top spot. It had been the leader in terms of consumer spending, according to's estimations, but has now slipped to the fifth position, overtaken by "Royal Match" and "Monopoly Go," while "Candy Crush" and "Roblox" have maintained their positions.

This shift suggests several noteworthy trends. "Monopoly Go" might have the potential to claim the top spot if its rapid ascent continues, and "Royal Match" could emerge as the new poster child for mobile puzzle gaming.

The decline of "Honor of Kings" prompts questions about whether this is a momentary setback for the Chinese market or if it signifies a larger shift, with other markets potentially overtaking China's domestic gaming power. "Honor of Kings" achieved the distinction of becoming the world's highest-grossing app in September.

In this dynamic gaming landscape, a new king has risen, but the challenger is swiftly gaining support, and "Monopoly Go" may soon seize the crown.

Source: by Iwan Morris, Staff Writer for

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