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Exclusive Insights: Günay Aliyeva Unveils Mobile Gaming and AI Strategies in App Growth Talks Episode

Gamelight's Co-Founder, Günay Aliyeva, shared insights on user retention and mobile user acquisition in a recent episode of App Growth Talks hosted by Lina Danilchik from SplitMetrics. Emphasizing the importance of user retention for UA managers, Günay discussed the challenges and strategies, highlighting the role of ethical advertising practices.

Gamelight differentiates itself in the competitive market through its AI algorithm, optimizing ROAS, ARPU, and retention for game publishers. Günay also delved into case studies, showcasing Gamelight's success in exceeding ROAS goals and achieving high ARPU for a top-grossing game publisher.

"First of all, Gamelight is a mobile marketing platform, but we also operate as an app developer and publisher. The traffic that we deliver to our partners originates from our own self-published game recommendation platforms. Basically, it means we develop, publish, and advertise our own games." - Günay Aliyeva, Co-Founder of Gamelight

The interview covered Gamelight's approach to user acquisition, emphasizing the simplicity and efficiency of their algorithm. Günay advised UA managers to diversify their strategies and optimize channels that prove most effective.

Discussing different game genres, Günay explained how Gamelight's AI algorithms analyze user playtime and behavior to provide personalized game suggestions. She also addressed the ethical considerations, highlighting Gamelight's transparent data collection and user rewards system.

The interview concluded with insights into balancing popular and new game titles. Günay shared the challenges of avoiding overwhelming users with recommendations while ensuring a continuous influx of fresh content. The discussion offered valuable advice for maintaining a balance in the evolving gaming industry.

Explore the full interview with Günay Aliyeva, Co-Founder of Gamelight, on the App Growth Blog at the SplitMetrics website. Gain deeper insights into mobile gaming, AI algorithms, and personalized user engagement. Dive into the conversation to uncover valuable tips and strategies from a seasoned mobile growth expert.

Source: adapted from an article by Lina Danilchik, Content Marketing Lead at SplitMetrics.

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