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Forecasts for 2024 by experts in the video game industry

In 2023, the gaming industry weathered significant challenges, marked by widespread layoffs and closures. Yet, amidst these struggles, there were notable positive developments.

Mid-tier, AA, and indie games emerged as stars of the year, shaking up the dominance of blockbuster studios and asserting their presence on the stage. This shift underscored the resilience and creativity within the industry, proving that innovation thrives even in adversity.

The mobile gaming arena mirrored this dynamism, characterized by intense competition and a relentless drive for survival. Established chart-toppers faced fierce challenges from ambitious newcomers, highlighting the industry's ever-evolving landscape.

As the industry reflects on the events of 2023, attention turns to what lies ahead in 2024. Industry professionals share their insights and predictions, offering a glimpse into the future of gaming.

Christian Lövstedt, General Manager at Midjiwan, advocates for fairer monetization models in mobile gaming, emphasizing the need to reduce intrusive ads and aggressive microtransactions.

Christian Moss, Co-founder of ZBD, foresees changes in ad revenue due to iOS crackdowns on user tracking, while also anticipating shifts in payment methods driven by incoming EU legislation.

Ivan Trancik, Founder and CEO of SuperScale, predicts a rise in "IP expansion," wherein older game titles are revitalized to maximize revenue, a strategy exemplified by the success of Pocket Trucks.

Jonas Martins, Director of Video Gaming & Media at Worldline, highlights the potential impact of EU Digital Markets Act on payment landscapes, as well as the continued integration of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in gaming.

Julia Scurtul, Account Manager at Gamelight, discusses the transformative role of AI in user acquisition, enabling personalized experiences and faster, more efficient campaign management.

Omer Kaplan, SVP Revenue & Operations at Unity Grow, anticipates growth strategies diversification among developers, with hyper-casual developers enhancing gameplay for better monetization, and mid/hardcore developers exploring new ad formats.

Pasqual Batalla, COO of Sandsoft Games, projects moderate industry growth, emphasizing the importance of talent, regulation, and balance between new game development and nurturing legacy titles.

Roman Garbar, Marketing Director at Tenjin, underscores the challenges faced by smaller mobile developers and the importance of leveraging AI and data science for success.

Tom Wijman, Lead Analyst at Newzoo, predicts a robust rebound in the gaming industry in 2024, driven by the expanding user base of next-gen consoles and evolving strategies to adapt to changing market conditions.

Despite the challenges and uncertainties, the gaming industry remains resilient and forward-looking, driven by innovation, technology, and the passion of its community. As the journey into 2024 begins, stakeholders prepare to navigate new opportunities and challenges, shaping the future of gaming.

Source: adapted from an article by Baytan Uğur Yem, Author for Mobidictum.

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