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Gamelight earns a 12% share of the global ad spend for all match-3 games

In a recent analysis by Singular, Gamelight emerged as a dominating force in the mobile gaming industry, covering an impressive 12% of ad spending for Match-3 games globally. Noteworthy is the fact that Gamelight achieved this milestone while being active in only 11 countries, a fraction compared to competitors with a global presence.

Within its active regions, Gamelight claimed an even more substantial share, covering 15%-20% of the total Match-3 ad spend. Appsflyer’s 2023 Performance Index solidifies Gamelight’s status, ranking the company as high as 3rd across various categories and regions, closely trailing industry giants Google and Meta. In a surprising twist, Gamelight has outperformed Meta, securing the position of the 2nd largest source on Android and the 3rd largest on iOS for Match-3 games.

Revolutionizing the Game: The Power of AI Algorithm

At the heart of Gamelight’s rapid ascent lies its cutting-edge AI algorithm. This sophisticated technology meticulously analyzes user behavior and demographic data, going beyond the basics to include factors like age, gender, and location for precise targeting. By creating personalized gaming experiences based on individual user profiles, Gamelight establishes strong player-game connections.

The AI algorithm’s depth extends to examining users’ gaming histories, extracting insights into preferences, and leveraging past interactions to generate highly relevant game recommendations. Notably, this AI-driven approach plays a pivotal role in optimizing partner campaigns, consistently surpassing industry benchmarks for Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Gamelight’s data-driven strategy ensures not only efficient campaign performance but also heightened user engagement and extended retention.

From Startup to Powerhouse: Gamelight’s Meteoric Rise

Founded just a year ago, Gamelight has experienced unparalleled growth, becoming the largest rewarded platform for mobile games. The company’s achievements include accolades such as “Best AI Tool” at the DotComm Awards and winning the “Best Mobile Marketing Platform” category at the Digiday Technology Awards. These recent figures from the Singular market overview solidify Gamelight’s position as a leader in the mobile app space, marking a remarkable journey from startup to industry powerhouse.

Source: adapted from an article by Mobidictum.

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