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Gamelight is Named Best AI Platform for Mobile Marketing

Germany-based mobile marketing platform Gamelight has won the prestigious Platinum Award for Best AI Tool at the dotComm Awards, a leading international competition celebrating outstanding achievements in web creativity and digital communication. 

You may not have heard the name “Gamelight” before, but you’ve almost been impacted by it. The company has rapidly become a major player in the mobile marketing world, boasting a vast userbase across numerous game recommendation platforms. 

In fact, right now Gamelight is the world’s largest rewarded marketing platform, thanks in large part to its revolutionary AI algorithm. 

Reacting to the award, Gamelight co-founder Gunay Aliyeva remarked, “AI’s influence on the mobile marketing sector is undeniably profound, and we take great pride in spearheading this transformative shift. 

The acknowledgement we’ve received from the dotComm Awards affirms the innovation of our platform and further fuels our drive to push the boundaries of what’s achievable in mobile marketing.”Of course, this isn’t the first award Gamelight has scooped. It also won two further Platinum dotComm awards, for Data Gathering and Implementation and for Best Digital Advertising Campaign.

Plus, the company recently received the prestigious Digiday Technology Award 2023, in the fiercely competitive Best Mobile Marketing Platform category. 

So, how exactly does Gamelight’s award-winning AI algorithm work?

Firstly, it delves into users’ gaming histories to collect information on user preferences, favored genres, prior interactions, and demographic information such as age, gender, location, and so on. 

Then, it uses this data to create highly personalized recommendations, resulting in better engagement and more lucrative monetization. 

Among the games to have benefitted from the Gamelight treatment in recent months is Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas, from GOAT Games. 

Tasked with increasing the game’s visibility in the US and the UK, Gamelight managed to provide 43% return on ad spend by day seven, and 86% by day 30, exceeding partner’s D30 goal by 162%. 

Moreover, through Gamelight Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas's achieved 410% higher ARPU in comparison with advertising methods used in the past by GOAT Games.

“We’re used to running UA campaigns that would take X weeks or even months to learn and burn money,” says Alexander Cherpak, User Growth Head of GOAT Games. “With the Gamelight’s smart algorithms, we got results from day 1. A simple dashboard saved us a lot of time in managing campaigns and scale in no time.”

To see the case study in more detail, visit this page.

To discover more about Gamelight and its self-serve UA dashboard, visit the company’s website.

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