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Gamelight secures a 12% share of the global ad expenditure for Match-3 games

In a remarkable feat, Gamelight, a rewarded marketing platform for mobile games, asserts an impressive 12% share of global ad spend for the popular match-3 genre. What sets this accomplishment apart is Gamelight’s limited presence in only 11 countries, surpassing competitors with a considerable foothold worldwide. The latest insights from Singular, an analytics firm, unveil Gamelight’s stronghold, emphasizing its noteworthy 15 to 20% share of total match-3 ad spend in active regions.

Appsflyer’s 2023 Performance Index further solidifies Gamelight’s standing, ranking third in various categories and regions. Remarkably, Gamelight not only maintains its stellar track record but also surpasses expectations, outperforming Meta and securing the second spot on Android and the third spot on iOS as a top source for match-3 games.

At the core of Gamelight’s rapid ascent is its innovative use of AI. The advanced algorithm delves into user behavior and demographic information, including age, gender, and location, ensuring precise targeting. This foundational approach enables the platform to craft personalized gaming experiences tailored to individual users. Going beyond basics, the algorithm analyzes users’ gaming histories, extracting valuable insights into preferences and past interactions. The outcome is a series of highly relevant game recommendations, fostering robust connections between players and games.

The influence of Gamelight’s AI algorithm extends to optimizing partner campaigns, consistently surpassing industry benchmarks for Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), according to company claims. In just one year since its inception, Gamelight has garnered recognition, securing awards such as “Best AI Tool” at the DotComm Awards and clinching the top spot in the “Best Mobile Marketing Platform” category at the Digiday Technology Awards. Gamelight’s swift expansion and innovative approach position it as a leading force in reshaping the landscape of mobile gaming advertising.

Source: adapted from an article by Isa Muhammad, Staff Writer for

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