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Genshin Impact is the quickest mobile game to surpass $5 billion

Since its debut in September 2020 across iOS, Android, consoles, and PC, Genshin Impact has emerged as a monumental success, surpassing a remarkable $5 billion in global consumer spending, according to data from This significant achievement cements Genshin Impact’s position as one of the highest-earning games in the industry, transcending the boundaries of mobile gaming.

The $5 billion milestone, inclusive of spending through both Apple’s App Store and Google Play, highlights the game’s immense popularity. Impressively, even excluding income from third-party Android marketplaces, the iOS version of Genshin Impact has generated nearly $1.5 billion in revenue in its home country, China, accounting for approximately 30% of the game’s total consumer spend.

Japan follows closely, claiming the second spot with around $1.06 billion in revenue, contributing 21% to the overall total, while the United States secures the third position, having generated $903 million, constituting 18% of the total consumer spending.

What distinguishes Genshin Impact is its unprecedented speed in achieving the $5 billion milestone. Taking just 40 months to reach this grand sum, Genshin Impact stands as the fastest mobile title to hit such a remarkable financial benchmark. In comparison, Clash of Clans, the second-fastest in this category, achieved the feat in 51 months. The latest addition to the $5 billion club is Gardenscapes, which took 91 months to accomplish this milestone.

In total, there are now 13 mobile games that have surpassed $5 billion in combined consumer spending through the iOS App Store and Google Play, further underscoring the exceptional financial success of Genshin Impact in the competitive gaming landscape.

Source: adapted from an article by Sophie Blake, Author for Mobile Marketing Reads.

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