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Global Mobile App Expansion Report by Adjust

According to Adjust's data, the first half of 2023 showcases a robust global average Mobile Growth Score of 29.9 across all sectors. The Asia-Pacific (APAC) region leads with an impressive score of 43.3, surpassing Europe at 35.9 and North America at 30, while MENAT follows closely at 29.5, and LATAM trails at 27.9.

The mobile game industry takes center stage with a remarkable Growth Score of 53.5, demonstrating its resilience post the challenges faced in 2022. Despite obstacles, mobile game installations have shown significant progress in 2023, achieving a higher Growth Score. Shopping apps secure the second-highest score globally at 43.2, while travel apps claim the third spot with 41.6. Finance apps follow closely at 34.1, and food and beverage apps at 32.

The global mobile game industry, rebounding from a challenging 2022, boasts a high Growth Score of 53.5, making it a prime focus for app marketers. This aligns with consumer spending on mobile games reaching $41 billion in the first half of 2023, accompanied by game downloads surpassing 30.4 billion.

Breaking down gaming categories, action games lead with 30.7, followed by hyper-casual games at 29.8. Sports games secure the third spot with 27.9, and role-playing games (RPG) follow closely with 27.5. For game app growth in the MENAT region, it’s essential to consider specific sub-sectors. Saudi Arabia leads in hyper-casual games with a score of 25.4, while Turkiye excels in the strategy category with a score of 25.8. The UAE thrives in hyper-casual games, boasting a score of 25.8.

The MENAT region proves to be a hub for mobile gaming, with users downloading an average of 26,200 apps per minute and spending approximately 5.5 hours daily on their mobile devices. Turkiye holds the highest country score in the MENAT region at 26.3, sustaining demand despite a slight dip in total mobile game revenue last year.

Saudi Arabia, a key player in the region, earned $1.8 billion in 2022, contributing around 45% to the total MENA gaming revenue. With a Growth Score of 25.7, Saudi Arabia hosts over 21 million mobile gamers, with almost 60% spending money on mobile games.

The UAE boasts a Growth Score of 25.9, with mobile games dominating the market. Expected to reach $176 million in volume by 2023, the focus here is on casual gamers, constituting a significant portion of the market. In the first quarter of 2023, mobile games in the region maintained a consistent 1st-day user retention rate of 25%. By the 7th day, this figure dropped to 9% in Saudi Arabia and the UAE and 8% in Turkiye, indicating a consistent trend across the region. According to the report, these figures depict remarkable consistency in the MENAT region, signifying a promising trajectory for the mobile game industry.

Source: adapted from an article by Mobidictum.

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