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Guild of Guardians debuts on both iOS and Android platforms

Immutable Games has proudly announced the launch of its highly anticipated title, Guild of Guardians, on both Google Play and the Apple App Store. Developed in collaboration with esteemed studio Mineloader, known for their work on AAA titles like The Division 2 and The Last of Us Part I, Guild of Guardians has garnered significant attention, boasting over 1 million pre-registered users.

Set in the fantastical world of Elderym, players are tasked with assembling a team of Guardians to combat the looming threat of the Dread and restore peace. With immersive gameplay and intuitive mechanics, Guild of Guardians promises an engaging experience for players worldwide.

Chief Studio Officer for Immutable Games, Justin Hulog, expressed his excitement for the global launch, highlighting the years of development and community building that have led to this moment. Additionally, the game's first Global Leaderboard event, Age of the Dread, offers players the chance to compete for real rewards based on their skills and strategy.

Game Director Chris Clay, along with an experienced team from AAA game studios, has worked tirelessly to bring Guild of Guardians to life. With the support of industry veterans and the innovative technology of Immutable Passport and Immutable zkEVM, the game is poised for success and future expansion.

To celebrate the game's mobile release, Guild of Guardians will host a virtual global launch event, providing players with an exclusive look behind the scenes and an opportunity to engage with the development team. With the combined efforts of Immutable Games and Mineloader, Guild of Guardians marks the beginning of an epic journey in the world of mobile gaming.

Source: adapted from an article by Baran Köse, Author for Mobidictum.

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