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Homa Releases Six Mobile Games on Nintendo Switch and Offers Cross-Platform Tech for Developers

Game publisher Homa is making a significant move in the world of cross-platform gaming by porting six of their hit mobile games to Nintendo Switch. In addition to this, they are extending their technology to other developers and publishers, enabling them to follow suit and expand their reach across multiple markets.

Bringing successful mobile games to consoles not only opens up new opportunities but also introduces established titles to fresh audiences. Cross-platform play allows gamers to enjoy their favorite titles at their convenience, no matter where they are.

The six Homa games now available on Nintendo Switch are Aquarium Land, Farmland, Merge Master, Zombie Raft, Zombie Escape, and Zombie Defense. Remarkably, even the largest of these titles, Aquarium Land, boasting over 40 million mobile downloads, is also accessible on PlayStation and Xbox, with plans for releases on Steam and Steam Deck in the near future.

Olivier Le Bas, Co-Founder and CRO at Homa, emphasizes the importance of this initiative in their mission to empower game developers through the Homa platform. He states, "We are thrilled to offer our hundreds of partner studios a platform-agnostic distribution strategy, giving them the chance to reach new audiences, such as those on the Nintendo Switch."

Kaveh Najafy from Turquoise Game, the developer of Aquarium Land, expresses excitement and gratitude, explaining how the collaboration with Homa allowed their game to flourish on multiple platforms, creating an exceptional experience for players.

According to Newzoo's PC & Console Gaming Report 2023, two out of three gamers play on PC or console, with 40% of PC and console gamers classified as core gamers who invest significant time and money into gaming.

Homa, in partnership with specialist games porting company QubicGames, has developed a platform that streamlines the process of multi-platform conversion. Games undergoing this transformation are optimized to suit their destination hardware. Furthermore, Homa provides valuable insights and performance statistics to their development partners, allowing developers to focus on creating exceptional mobile games while Homa handles multi-platform publishing and reporting.

Homa's mission is to revolutionize the gaming industry by equipping creators with the data and resources to turn their ideas into successful games. The company has raised a total of $165 million in pursuit of this mission, with the support of notable investors and business angels, making it a force to be reckoned with in the gaming world.

Source: by Daniel Griffiths, Editor -

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