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HypeHype, supported by Supercell, announces a plan to provide creators with 100% of the revenue

In a groundbreaking move, HypeHype, backed by gaming powerhouse Supercell, has unveiled its monetization plan for creators on its games platform. Beginning with its early access phase, HypeHype is set to pay creators 100% of the net revenue generated from player engagement and in-app purchases. Originally launched in the Philippines during spring 2021, the platform has since expanded its reach to Canada and its home country, Finland. Despite its current availability limited to three countries, creators worldwide can apply to develop games on the platform and start earning from their creations.

The HypeHype platform, which prioritizes a mobile-first experience but is also compatible with PC, aims to reward creativity by offering creators a fair share of revenue. The creator monetization plan, initially slated for release in May, was launched ahead of schedule on April 29th. Alongside this announcement, HypeHype unveiled a $100,000 competition to incentivize creators to publish games on the platform before June 15th, 2024. Winners of the competition will receive a portion of the prize pool, further motivating creators to showcase their talent.

The monetization model is straightforward: creators earn revenue based on player engagement within their games. The more players a game attracts, and the longer they play, the more revenue its creator will earn. Additionally, creators can boost their earnings by implementing in-game purchases such as skins, power-ups, and other extras. During the early access period, creators will receive 100% of the net revenue from these sales, which are earned in the platform’s currency, HypeX. Creators can then use HypeX to make purchases within other games on the platform or accumulate it until they reach $200, at which point it can be cashed out.

Already, HypeHype’s current top game, Rock Tycoon Idle, demonstrates the potential for creators to earn substantial revenue, with projections of up to $4,000 per month. The platform’s commitment to empowering creators was underscored by a recent post on LinkedIn: “Make games and get paid! We’re launching HypeHype creator monetization today with engagement-based payouts, in-game purchases, and a $100,000 USD hit game competition!”

HypeHype’s portfolio includes popular titles like Badland Brawl, Rumble Stars Football, and Rumble Hockey. Operating independently but in close partnership with Supercell, HypeHype has received a significant investment of $15 million from the Brawl Stars maker. This investment has enabled HypeHype to expand its platform team to 50 developers, signaling its commitment to providing creators with the tools and support needed to succeed in the ever-evolving world of mobile gaming.

Source: adapted from an article by Aaron Astle, News Editor for

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