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Hypercasual game downloads drop 8% in Q3 2023

In the third quarter of 2023, hypercasual game downloads reached a total of 3.5 billion, as per a recent report from Appmagic. This figure represents an 8% drop from the 3.8 billion downloads recorded in the second quarter of 2023, signaling a noteworthy shift in the industry.

Hypercasual Downloads Show a 12.5% Annual Decrease

Comparing the figures to the same timeframe in the previous year, hypercasual game downloads were down by 12.5%, indicating a sustained downward trend in this segment of the gaming market. The decline in hypercasual downloads has been a noticeable trend over the past few years.

Hypercasual downloads

Source: Appmagic

Regional Variances in Hypercasual Downloads

While the overall numbers display a decline, there were regional variations in hypercasual game downloads. In Tier-1 East, there was a 7% sequential quarter increase, reaching 113 million downloads. However, this uptick was not enough to offset the decreases in other regions. Tier-1 West experienced a 10% drop, totaling 529 million downloads, and there was a 7% decrease, bringing the global total to 2.8 billion in the remaining regions.

Top Hypercasual Apps

The report also highlights the top-performing hypercasual apps in the quarter. My Perfect Hotel emerged as the most successful hypercasual game globally, with an impressive 31.5 million downloads and a remarkable revenue of $2.47 million. Notably, My Perfect Hotel's cumulative revenue per install of $0.06 surpassed all other games in the top ten, which averaged below $0.05.

Top hypercasual titles

Source: Appmagic

In the second position for downloads was Race Master 3D - Cat Racing, with 30.32 million downloads. However, the game's revenue fell significantly short, amounting to just $291,341, resulting in a modest revenue per install of only $0.009.

Among the top 10 charts, My Perfect Hotel was part of a trio of newcomers. Magic Piano Tiles: Music Game secured the seventh spot with 23.25 million downloads and $298,492 in revenue, while Twerk Race 3D - Running Game claimed the ninth position with 22.71 million downloads and $6,805 in revenue.

Interestingly, the report noted the absence of specific trends influenced by social media within the top ten, but underlined the continued prevalence of clones of existing game titles.

Additionally, the report highlighted an emerging trend of hybridcasual titles and noted that some previously successful games have made a resurgence in the rankings. This resurgence is attributed to their efforts in refining game mechanics and creative elements, allowing them to regain their positions on the charts.

Key Takeaways

  • Q3 2023 witnessed an 8% drop in hypercasual game downloads compared to Q2, totaling 3.5 billion downloads.

  • My Perfect Hotel led the way with 31.5 million downloads and $2.47 million in revenue, achieving an impressive $0.06 revenue per install.

  • Hybridcasual titles are on the rise, and refinements are driving previously successful games back into the top rankings.

Source: Anne Freer for App Business

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