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In March, Brawl Stars surpassed Clash of Clans in monthly revenue

In a significant shift, Supercell's Brawl Stars outpaced its flagship title, Clash of Clans, in monthly revenue for the first time in over three years, as reported by AppMagic data. In March, Brawl Stars raked in $66.98 million in gross consumer spending, while Clash of Clans trailed behind with $46.7 million.

Despite Clash of Clans maintaining consistent earnings in March compared to previous months, where it generated $46.28 million in January and $46.79 million in February, it saw a year-on-year increase from $42.42 million in March 2023. This reversal of fortunes marks Brawl Stars' first win over Clash of Clans since February 2021.

Brawl Stars has experienced a remarkable ascent in revenue over the past year. Starting from around $10 million monthly revenue in 2023, it surged to $26.79 million by December, followed by $39.8 million in January 2024 and $45.29 million in February 2024. This March, the game's consumer spending skyrocketed to $66.98 million, nearly six times higher than the $11.6 million it generated in March 2023.

The game's daily revenue surpassed Clash of Clans starting from March 7 and maintained its lead throughout the month. Brawl Stars reached its peak daily revenue on March 8 at $3.1 million, while Clash of Clans' highest daily revenue was on March 1 at $2.84 million. Despite initial challenges during its soft launch, including speculation of a potential shutdown, Brawl Stars launched globally in 2018 and has since gained popularity. The game's resurgence in 2024 can be attributed to new features, events, offers, and PvP content, indicating its enduring appeal and continued success under the leadership of Maurice Kroes, the game's first-ever lead producer.

Source: adapted from an article by Aaron Astle, News Editor for

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