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Keesing Media Group acquires casual games developer CoolGames

Keesing Media Group, the leading provider of "Braintainment," has made a significant move in the gaming industry by acquiring casual puzzle game developer CoolGames.

Keesing Media Group specializes in puzzle games and "braintainment," primarily in traditional media like puzzle books. On the other hand, CoolGames is known for its expertise in developing casual games for various platforms using HTML5 technology.

With the acquisition now in effect, Keesing aims to establish a strong presence in the digital gaming market by leveraging CoolGames' platform and its access to a wide range of casual titles. Philip Alberdingk Thijmm, the CEO of Keesing Media Group, highlighted the benefits of the deal, mentioning how CoolGames' platform partners can benefit from Keesing's extensive content databases and puzzle expertise. Additionally, Keesing's existing B2B media clients can now offer a more diverse selection of puzzles and casual games to their customers.

Founder of CoolGames, Laurens Rutten, expressed excitement about the partnership, as it will allow CoolGames to introduce its existing titles to Keesing's client base of international media companies. Moreover, he emphasized the growing popularity of word-games and engaging puzzles in the gaming market and how the collaboration with Keesing will likely lead to the development of successful new intellectual properties (IP).

This acquisition follows the trend of traditional media companies venturing into the gaming industry. It grants Keesing Media Group a foothold in the casual gaming market. While it remains to be seen if CoolGames will shift from its current publishing format on HTML5 to developing full-fledged original titles, the company has already demonstrated its commitment to exploring different means of producing and distributing games.

As the gaming industry continues to attract investments and interest, especially in the areas of puzzles and educational content for mobile, the acquisition of CoolGames by Keesing is a strategic move that could lead to exciting new opportunities for both companies.

Source: Iwan Morris, Staff Writer at PocketGamer

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