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Krafton derived 60% of its record-breaking Q1 earnings of $487.7 million from mobile platforms

Krafton, the publisher behind PUBG, has achieved a milestone in its history, generating a record-breaking revenue of ₩665.9 billion ($487.7 million) in the first quarter of 2024. This remarkable achievement was primarily driven by the continuous growth of PUBG across mobile, PC, and console platforms, contributing to an operating profit of ₩310.5 billion ($227.4 million). The operating profit marks an impressive 89% increase quarter-on-quarter and a notable 10% rise year-over-year.

Among the platforms, mobile emerged as the frontrunner, accounting for 60% of Krafton’s total revenue, amounting to ₩402.3 billion ($294.6 million). PC followed closely behind with earnings of ₩243.7 billion ($178.5 million), while console trailed with ₩11.5 billion ($8.4 million) in revenue. Despite mobile’s dominance, it experienced the slowest growth compared to PC and console, with revenue increasing by 15.5% in the quarter. Notably, mobile’s contribution to Krafton’s quarterly earnings decreased from 64% in Q4 2023.

Looking ahead, Krafton aims to solidify its position in the Indian gaming market, showcasing titles like Cookie Run and Bullet Echo India as key games tailored for Indian players. Bullet Echo India was released on April 15th, while Cookie Run is slated for launch later in 2024. Additionally, Krafton unveiled a new India-themed mobile game named Garuda Saga, developed in collaboration with Alchemist Games.

Expanding its operations further, Krafton has been active in mergers and acquisitions, making investments in nine game studios within the first half of 2024. Notable investments include C77 Entertainment and startup Red Rover, signaling Krafton’s commitment to growth and innovation in the gaming industry.

Source: adapted from an article by Aaron Astle, News Editor for

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