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Krafton plans AI integration, emphasizes India focus, and will release 20 games

During a town hall meeting held on Friday, South Korean video game publisher Krafton outlined its expansion vision for 2024 and beyond. CEO Changhan Kim provided a comprehensive overview of the company's expansion strategy, which revolves around the "Scale Up the Creative" plan. This strategy includes launching multiple new titles, with two slated for release later this year. Krafton aims not only to broaden the PUBG brand but also to explore expansion opportunities in India.

The publisher is preparing to launch two games in 2024, including Dark and Darker Mobile (confirmed last November) and the life simulation game inZOI. Additionally, Krafton revealed that they have 20 other games in development, including titles such as Dinkum Mobile, Project Black Budget, and Subnautica 2.

Krafton's long-term strategy involves expanding the PUBG brand by investing in both internal and external development resources. The company is considering outsourcing the development of new PUBG properties as part of a franchising initiative. Furthermore, in alignment with opportunities in India, Krafton aims to enhance the Battlegrounds Mobile India title and delve into publishing and esports activities in the country.

Kim also highlighted Krafton's significant investment in AI and deep learning technology, which the company views as a "game-changer." This technology will be applied in game development to enhance production efficiency.

Source: adapted from an article by Isa Muhammad, Staff Writer for

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