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Less Than 1% of Netflix Subscribers Play Games Daily

Recent data from market analyst firm Apptopia reveals that among Netflix's 247.15 million subscribers, less than 1% of users play games on the platform daily. The data also indicates that an estimated 2.2 million users played one or more games per day as of September. Additionally, Netflix games have been downloaded 70.5 million times globally.

Netflix has been actively expanding its library of games, increasing its offerings from 24 to 77 titles within the past year. While the gaming service has shown growth, the daily user count remains modest.

Greg Peterson, co-CEO of Netflix, noted that the company sees significant long-term potential in the gaming sector and aims to build a substantial center of value for entertainment. This indicates a commitment to developing the gaming aspect of the platform.

In a recent report, it was disclosed that Netflix plans to adapt popular series such as "Wednesday," "Black Mirror," and "Squid Game" into mobile games. The company is also reportedly looking to release a Grand Theft Auto entry, signaling its intent to expand its gaming offerings.

Netflix made strategic moves in the gaming industry, including hiring Mike Verdu as VP of game development and acquiring Night School Studio, known for the game "Oxenfree." The company also recently introduced a limited beta for its cloud gaming service for select subscribers in the UK, Canada, and the US, indicating ongoing efforts to enhance its gaming presence.

While the proportion of daily gamers on Netflix is relatively low, the company's investments and expansion plans demonstrate a commitment to establishing a foothold in the gaming market.

Source: by Jeffrey Rousseau, Staff Writer for

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