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Marvel's Midnight Suns developer hit by layoffs

Firaxis Games, the developer behind Marvel's Midnight Suns, has downsized its workforce by letting go of 30 employees.

According to Axios, an insider familiar with the situation revealed that the studio carried out the layoffs yesterday.

A spokesperson from Firaxis explained that the staff reductions were part of a strategic effort to sharpen their focus, improve efficiency, and align their talent with their highest priorities.

They emphasized that despite the changes, the studio remains dedicated to creating highly acclaimed video games.

In February, Take-Two, the parent company, reported its Q3 financial results, which fell short of its sales projections. Despite Marvel's Midnight Suns being the biggest release of the quarter, CEO Strauss Zelenick acknowledged a decline in consumer demand for console products and related spending.

Although 11 titles were recognized for contributing to the company's revenue, the superhero RPG was not specifically mentioned.

The news of Firaxis' downsizing emerges just four weeks after the cancellation announcement of the Nintendo Switch version of Midnight Suns. In the meantime, the game was successfully launched on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles on May 11.

Source: Jeffrey Rousseau Staff Writer at Games Industry biz

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