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Mystic Games collaborates with Jambo

The partnership between MYSTiC GAMES, a mobile game developer, and Jambo, a Web3 smartphone brand, marks a pivotal moment in the gaming industry's approach to emerging markets. With a focus on Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America, this collaboration aims to make Web3 games more accessible to a wider audience.

Headquartered in Berlin and Stockholm and established in 2022, MYSTiC GAMES introduced their latest title, Call of the VoYd, in 2023. This game, featuring a top-down shooter ARPG Rouguelite format and the opportunity to discover free NFTs, garnered over 15k sign-ups since its alpha release. Now, through their partnership with Jambo, MYSTiC GAMES seeks to extend this engaging gaming experience to emerging markets.

Jambo enters the scene with the JamboPhone, priced at $99, heralding as the first Web3 smartphone tailored for emerging markets. It serves as a conduit to the digital economy, offering users a comprehensive digital experience powered by the JamboApp suite. Integration of Call of the VoYd enriches this offering, providing users with advanced gaming and crypto-earning opportunities.

Matthew Buxton, CEO of MYSTiC GAMES, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing its potential to empower individuals in emerging markets and broaden the reach of play-to-earn games like Call of the VoYd. Similarly, James Zhang, CEO of Jambo, highlighted their joint commitment to democratizing access to the digital economy and unlocking financial opportunities for users.

This collaboration symbolizes a significant stride in the gaming industry's efforts to cater to emerging markets. By merging immersive gaming experiences with accessible technology, MYSTiC GAMES and Jambo aspire to expand the accessibility of earn-through-play games and foster broader participation in the global digital economy.

Source: adapted from an article by Baytan Uğur Yem, Author for Mobidictum.

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