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NetDragon Allocates $20 Million Investment in Rokid to Pursue Metaverse Prospects

NetDragon, a Chinese company, has invested $20 million as the primary investor in Rokid's latest equity fundraising round. Both companies have entered into a 5-year strategic partnership agreement to explore global metaverse opportunities using Rokid's cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) technologies.

This investment and collaboration aim to expedite the development of advanced interactive user experiences, establishing a solid foundation for the metaverse of the future. Rokid, backed by prominent investors like IDG, Walden, Fosun, Haitong, and Temesak, is positioned as a key player in the AR industry.

Dr. Simon Leung, NetDragon Group Vice Chairman and Executive Director, expressed excitement about the investment, foreseeing AR as a core technology for the evolving metaverse. The partnership with Rokid is expected to drive the creation of products with enhanced user experiences through the application of AR technologies, particularly in education and gaming.

Misa Zhu, Founder and CEO of Rokid, welcomed NetDragon as both an investor and a strategic partner. As a leading unicorn in the growing AR industry, Rokid focuses on human-computer interaction technology, boasting a strong track record in various industrial and consumer applications. The collaboration aims to leverage NetDragon's expertise in education and gaming, coupled with their global sales network, to expand opportunities and bring innovation to product development.

NetDragon's specialization in scaling internet and mobile platforms in gaming and education, coupled with Rokid's global recognition in AR technologies, positions this collaboration to offer comprehensive technology solutions encompassing hardware, software, and operating systems.

Source: adapted from an article by Baran Köse, Writer for Mobidictum.

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