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Nordcurrent broadens its range by adding the Cinemaware catalog to its portfolio

Nordcurrent, known for its success in mobile gaming and expanding presence in the PC and console market, has announced its acquisition of the renowned collection of games from Cinemaware, previously owned by Starbreeze Entertainment.

CEO Victoria Trofimova highlighted the strategic importance of the acquisition, stating, "Since the establishment of our PC games publishing division less than three years ago, we've aimed to create a strong business unit for PC and console games. Acquiring Cinemaware's catalog is a pivotal step in this journey, providing opportunities to enrich our portfolio with well-known titles."

Cinemaware's iconic games from the 80s, including Defender of the Crown, Wings, The King of Chicago, and S.D.I, significantly enhance Nordcurrent's portfolio. Trofimova expressed excitement about the possibilities, saying, "We are proud to add such titles to our portfolio. We are exploring opportunities to remaster these games for PCs and consoles, appealing to modern audiences and evoking nostalgia among those who played them in the 80s."

While specific plans for remastering are still in development, Trofimova revealed that Defender of the Crown would be the first game to undergo the process. "Our game design team is conceptualizing styles, but it's too early to share more about plans and dates."

The acquisition complements Nordcurrent's existing lineup, which includes RPG games like Ocean's Heart, Greedventory, and Red Daze. The company aims to elevate its portfolio with Cinemaware titles. Trofimova emphasized, "We believe Cinemaware titles are a significant addition to our portfolio."

Nordcurrent aims to foster cross-collaboration and synergy among its existing projects and the newly acquired Cinemaware games, promoting a culture of high-quality gaming experiences. While specific plans or collaborations related to the Cinemaware catalog have not been revealed, Nordcurrent is open to exploring opportunities that support its PC/console games publishing division.

Source: adapted from an article by Kürşat Zaman, Author for Mobidictum.

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