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Odeeo asserts that more than 90% of gamers do not skip audio ads

In its recent research, Israel-based in-game audio ad platform Odeeo discovered that gamers skip over 90% of audio ads, a figure that increases to over 95% for shorter ads. Drawing insights from 75 million ad impressions and 400 game partners, the study provides valuable information for advertisers and mobile game developers, including optimal ad lengths and volumes.

Odeeo's approach involves presenting audio ads that seamlessly integrate with gameplay, avoiding intrusive interruptions by utilizing clickable icons instead of taking over the screen. The research indicates that the initial ad displayed to players enjoys the highest click-through rate, with only a 6% skip rate. While being the first ad provides a significant advantage, it's not the sole determinant.

According to Odeeo's findings, most mobile gamers maintain volume levels above the standardised 10% mark during gameplay. Notably, the rate of click-throughs on ads increases as players' volumes are set higher, reaching up to 60% before leveling off. Shorter ads also prove more successful, experiencing fewer skips and higher engagement, suggesting their effectiveness in various advertising scenarios.

Amit Monheit, CEO of Odeeo, shared insights gained from running numerous campaigns globally for major advertisers, highlighting the platform's ability to quantify the impact of different drivers of ad performance. Odeeo's presence spans the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas, growing its reputation by specializing in in-game advertising that seamlessly integrates with gameplay. The platform achieved a remarkable 300% year-on-year revenue growth last year.

This year, Odeeo forged a partnership with Any Ever, expanding its capabilities by providing new touchpoints for audio campaigns, enhanced targeting abilities, and reinforcing its presence in Germany.

Source: adapted from an article by Aaron Astle, News Editor for

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