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Outfit7's Talking Tom Celebrates 10 Years with In-Game Event

Talking Tom, the iconic digital pet simulator from Outfit7, is gearing up to celebrate its 10th anniversary on July 13. This milestone marks a decade of global success for the franchise, which has grown from a simple concept into a multi-hit phenomenon.

Despite its straightforward gameplay centered around the lovable character Tom, Talking Tom has achieved remarkable success, giving rise to merchandise, spin-off endless runners, and even plans for a potential movie. It holds the distinction of being the most downloaded mobile game franchise worldwide over the past ten years.

To commemorate this achievement, Outfit7 has planned an exciting in-game birthday event in Talking Tom 2. Players will have the opportunity to partake in the celebration and earn the biggest rewards ever, with further details kept under wraps until the event.

Outfit7's CEO, Xinyu Qian, expressed gratitude to the loyal players who have supported the franchise throughout its incredible journey. The in-game birthday celebration is Outfit7's way of showing appreciation and sharing the joy with its dedicated fanbase.

Looking ahead, Outfit7's success in expanding the Talking Tom franchise beyond its mobile origins has been impressive. The studio has grown substantially and made strategic investments, including backing educational startup Hopalai. Talking Tom has also made its mark in other areas, extending its presence to in-car entertainment systems, showcasing the franchise's family-friendly appeal that resonates with players of all ages.

As Talking Tom enters its second decade, the studio's future success will likely depend on the reception of its spin-off titles and the potential release of Talking Tom 3. Outfit7's ability to build on the foundation of its flagship series and continue creating engaging experiences will shape the franchise's trajectory moving forward.

Source: Iwan Morris, Staff Writer at PocketGamer

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