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Poland enters top three European countries in games industry workforce size

According to a report by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, Poland's video gaming workforce has become one of the largest in Europe. The report, titled The Game Industry of Poland Report 2023, highlights the consistent growth of the Polish games industry with record numbers year after year.

The report reveals that there are currently 15,290 people employed in Polish games production, surpassing Germany and placing Poland in the top three European countries in this regard. The number of game producers and publishers employing such workforce has also reached 494.

An interesting aspect is the relatively high percentage of women in the gaming workforce, standing at 24 percent, making it one of the highest globally.

Poland's employment growth in the gaming industry is the fastest in Europe, estimated to be between 23 and 27 percent year-on-year since 2017. The majority of teams (78 percent) consist of fewer than 25 employees, while 16 companies employ more than 200 employees, and 56 companies have teams of over 50 people.

On the revenue side, Poland still has room to grow, as its workforce ranking does not currently mirror its earnings. In 2022, Poland's games industry generated €1.286 billion in revenue, ranking behind countries like the UK (which also has the biggest workforce in Europe), France, Germany, Finland, and Sweden.

The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development president, Dariusz Budrowski, mentioned that the Polish computer game industry has transformed from a niche into a billion-dollar business over the last twenty years, becoming synonymous with quality, creativity, and innovation.

The report contains data and profiles on 190 Polish game companies, showing the thriving and dynamic nature of the gaming industry in Poland.

Source: Aaron Astle, Staff Writer at PocketGamer

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