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Roblox Q3 revenue jumps by 38%

Roblox has released its Q3 2023 financial results, demonstrating continued growth in various key metrics:

Financial Performance:

  • Revenue: The company achieved a revenue of $713 million, marking an impressive 38% increase compared to the same quarter last year.

  • Bookings: Bookings reached $839.5 million, reflecting a substantial 20% YoY growth.

  • Net Losses: Net losses amounted to $279 million, showcasing a slight decrease from the $302 million reported in the corresponding quarter of the previous year.

User Engagement:

  • Daily Active Users (DAU): Roblox experienced a notable 20% YoY increase in daily active users, reaching a substantial 70 million. This is a notable upswing from the 65.5 million reported in the previous quarter.

  • Monthly Unique Players: The platform reported a 14% rise in monthly unique players, totaling 14.7 million.

  • Total Engagement Hours: Users engaged for a total of 16 billion hours during the quarter, demonstrating a significant 20% increase.

Geographic Performance:

  • CFO Michael Guthrie highlighted robust booking growth in Western Europe and East Asia. However, he emphasized that the US and Canada still played a predominant role in bookings growth in dollar terms among all regions.

Strategic Moves:

  • Despite the positive financial trajectory, Roblox remained active in acquisitions. Notably, in September, the company acquired Speechly, an AI startup specializing in voice moderation technology.

Leadership Vision:

  • CEO David Baszucki outlined the company's strategic priorities, emphasizing a commitment to deeper forms of immersion, communication, and avatar expression on the platform. The company continues to invest in artificial intelligence, brands, and advertising to fuel future growth.

Future Outlook:

  • While the report did not delve into specific details regarding Q4 or full-year projections, CFO Guthrie hinted at a new phase for Roblox. The company aims to slow down growth in operating expenses and capital expenditures, focusing on generating operating leverage and free cash flow in the upcoming period.

Source: adapted from an article by Jeffrey Rousseau, Staff Writer for Games Industry.

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