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Rush Royale hits 63 million installs and doubles growth in the US thanks to… Jake Paul?

My.Games has proudly announced that their mobile game, Rush Royale, has achieved its highest level of player engagement and surpassed $230 million in revenue. The success is largely attributed to a two-month in-game event featuring social media influencer Jake Paul. This event included a two-week Champion Rumble event and introduced Paul as an unlockable character in the game, among other additions. As a result, Rush Royale experienced a 20% growth in daily active users (DAU) and reached six million monthly active users (MAU). Approximately 1.5 million users unlocked the Jake Paul-themed hero within the game.

CEO of My.Games, Vladimir Nikolsky, emphasized the company's focus on adopting successful PC game practices, such as community-building and regular content updates, for their mobile titles. The collaboration with Jake Paul demonstrates My.Games' commitment to creating conceptually interesting marketing campaigns that involve influencers and engage their audiences.

This achievement is particularly noteworthy for My.Games, considering the company's recent period of turbulence after being sold to new owners and undergoing restructuring. However, the success of Rush Royale and other milestones indicate that the company is moving in the right direction.

The collaboration with Jake Paul also highlights the impact that celebrity partnerships can have on player engagement and revenue. Rush Royale's record-setting MAU and DAU following the collaboration showcase the potential benefits of well-executed collaborations in mobile gaming.

Source: Iwan Morris, Staff Writer at PocketGamer

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