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Scopely acquires Dundee-based Tag Games

American mobile game developer Scopely has acquired Tag Games, a gaming studio based in Dundee, Scotland. The amount of the acquisition has not been disclosed. Scopely had previously invested in Tag Games alongside Omnidrone from Spain and Pixel Toys from the UK, injecting $50 million to expand staff and facilities.

Scopely is known for games like Angry Birds Action, Marvel Strike Force, Scrabble Go, Star Trek: Fleet Command, and CSR2. With the acquisition of Tag Games, Scopely aims to integrate the latter into its ecosystem and collaborate further to enhance the player experience.

Tag Games has a history of working with various publishers, having created over 60 titles since its founding in 2006. The company expressed enthusiasm for fully joining forces with Scopely, believing that this collaboration will strengthen their position in the gaming industry.

Scopely's portfolio continues to grow as they had previously acquired the hit game Stumble Guys from Kitka Games. Additionally, Scopely is currently in the process of being acquired by Savvy for $4.9 billion.

Mark Williamson, Head of Studio at Tag Games, confirmed that there are currently no concrete plans following the acquisition, but the companies will work on integrating Tag Games into Scopely's operations.

Both Scopely and Tag Games share a commitment to creating engaging gaming experiences for players, and the acquisition is seen as an opportunity to combine their expertise and passion to achieve even greater success in the industry.

Source:  Daniel Griffiths, Editor at Pocket Gamer

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