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Singular's analysis shows that Gamelight is among the top 5 ad networks worldwide

The German user acquisition company has recently gained significant attention in the mobile market sphere. According to the latest Singular Market Snapshot, Gamelight now ranks as the fifth-largest ad network globally, spanning all geographical regions and game genres. This achievement marks them as the fastest-growing company in the field, having maintained steady growth since covering 12% of ad spend for all Match-3 games globally.

Gamelight's success can be attributed to its innovative business model, which revolves around an AI algorithm. As the first user acquisition company to fully base its operations on AI, Gamelight collects data from seven self-published rewarded marketing apps. This data includes users' preferences, gaming histories, and behaviors, allowing Gamelight to tailor game recommendations to individual players. This approach not only rewards players for gaming but also optimizes gaming experiences for others, creating a win-win situation for both players and partners.

The effectiveness of Gamelight's model is evident in the quality of users it brings to its partners' campaigns. By delivering personalized gaming experiences, Gamelight ensures that partners receive loyal users who engage with the game over time. This exceptional performance has earned Gamelight recognition, including accolades such as "Best AI Tool" at the dottComm awards and "Best Mobile Marketing Platform" at the Digiday Technology Awards.

Despite being early in 2024, Gamelight has already experienced significant growth, with projections indicating that they are set to reach $1 billion in revenues just one year after their launch. On the Singular Market Snapshot, Gamelight ranks second on Android and third on iOS for the Match-3 vertical, outperforming established players like Meta and Applovin.

Furthermore, Gamelight's position as the fifth-largest mobile network globally across all genres solidifies its status as a market leader. Surpassing industry giants like Moloco and Unity, Gamelight demonstrates its ability to meet diverse clients' demands effectively.

In summary, Gamelight's rapid ascent to become one of the top five largest mobile networks globally is a testament to its innovative AI-driven approach and commitment to delivering exceptional results. As they continue to surpass milestones, Gamelight is poised to make further strides in 2024 and beyond.

Source: adapted from an article by Mobile Marketing Magazine.

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