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SuperScale raises $5.4m in Series A funding round

SuperScale, a revenue growth firm, has successfully raised $5.4 million in a series A funding round, with Venture to Future Fund leading the investment. Other participants in the funding round included Across Private Investments and Zero One Hundred. This marks the company's first major funding round since 2020. With this new capital infusion, SuperScale aims to expand its revenue-growth services, which have proven successful in collaborations with renowned publishers such as EA, Fingersoft (the creators of Hill Climb Racing), and Big Fish Games.

CEO and founder of SuperScale, Ivan Trancik, expressed his excitement about the company's growth. He highlighted SuperScale's unique approach, combining data-driven insights with professional services, while maintaining a strong focus on helping developers and publishers succeed. In the current gaming landscape of 2023, scaling games can be a challenging endeavor, and SuperScale intends to support more game developers and publishers in achieving their goals with their expanded services.

CEO of Across Private Investments, Peter Jakubička, also shared his enthusiasm for the investment in SuperScale. He praised the company's innovative business model, which is well-suited for the current global economic climate, especially within the gaming industry. The partnership between Across Private Investments and SuperScale is seen as a unique and rare opportunity in the region.

SuperScale's revenue growth services come at a time when many companies are focused on optimizing monetization and growth for their existing games rather than developing new titles. As exemplified by companies like Playtika, concentrating on the existing catalogue has become a strategic priority. This trend provides SuperScale with an advantageous niche to capitalize on.

Additionally, SuperScale plans to further its "Venture Publishing" approach, wherein the company invests in its customers' games and takes on the responsibility of marketing, monetization, and live operations. This approach allows game developers to leverage SuperScale's expertise and resources to maximize the potential of their games in the highly competitive market.

Source: Iwan Morris, Staff Writer at PocketGamer

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