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Tapjoy has introduced Daily Rewards as part of its efforts to enhance re-engagement

Unity has unveiled Daily Rewards as part of its offerwall product, Tapjoy from Unity. The offerwall marketplace has gained popularity among advertisers seeking user acquisition, thanks to its special offers and timed rewards that entice players to check in regularly and keep coming back for more.

Daily Rewards in Tapjoy represent a new campaign type, offering users rewards whenever they complete tasks within a Unity-developed app. These tasks could range from completing a level to defeating a boss or simply checking in regularly and playing the game, allowing players to accumulate rewards through consistent engagement.

According to the company, these daily rewards are tailored for audiences who prefer quick challenges with frequent rewards. They maintain the precision of an event-based optimization model, promoting user engagement, fostering player loyalty, and driving long-term value for advertisers.

In essence, daily rewards can boost conversion rates by providing shorter, quicker, and more frequent rewards, catering to the preferences of players across various game genres. This engagement strategy increases return on ad spend (ROAS) by limiting the number of rewards available to players daily, encouraging them to return regularly and spend more time in the game and interacting with advertisers' campaigns.

Bid management is simplified for advertisers, who can set a maximum bid to be paid if a user completes the final event in the funnel, with Unity's backend handling the rest.

Moreover, daily rewards can also benefit app publishers that monetize with the offerwall by engaging a new segment of players who respond better to frequent, daily rewards. Unity reports that apps utilizing Daily Rewards in beta have seen, on average, a 6% increase in unique daily users converting on an offer.

Source: adapted from an article by Daniel Griffiths, Editor for

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