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The marketing team at Playtika is pushing boundaries

In the face of uncertainty, strife, and deep sadness, Playtika's marketing team has risen to the occasion by unveiling five new campaigns in a single day. This remarkable feat not only showcases the team's resilience but also contributes significantly to the country's economic landscape during challenging times.

The development of these campaigns involved meticulous planning of marketing strategies, crafting precise messages, and producing unique creatives. Playtika's ability to achieve this milestone reflects the company's unwavering dedication to its players and internal team.

The success is attributed to collaborative efforts from various professionals, including marketing experts, creative minds, strategists, and individuals from the games' studios. Special recognition is extended to external partners, such as Directors, Producers, Musicians, editors, and Post-Production Artists, who played a crucial role in turning the team's vision into reality with timely delivery and uncompromised quality.

Laura Keren, Playtika's VP of Global Marketing, shared this achievement on her LinkedIn account, emphasizing it as a collective success that highlights the dedication of each team member. As the team steps into the new year, there is a shared hope to maintain momentum and make 2024 as remarkable as the campaigns. The message resonates with a sense of unity and optimism, acknowledging that the sky is the limit for everyone involved.

Source: adapted from an article by Baytan Uğur Yem, Writer for Mobidictum.

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