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The standout games of the year include Monopoly Go, Whiteout Survival, and Warcraft Rumble

The recent poll, where over 40 well-known industry figures were asked to select their favorite game of the year, yielded fascinating results. While acknowledging that the poll wasn't a scientifically rigorous study, the standout top choice by a significant margin was Monopoly Go, emerging as an undeniable success.

Scopely, the powerhouse behind Monopoly Go, received praise for securing a mega-hit in 2023, backed by a notable level of goodwill within the industry. The game's achievements, launching in April and swiftly reaching $1 billion in revenue, contributed significantly to the mobile gaming landscape amid challenging times.

The coverage of Monopoly Go's rise over the past year delved into its breakout moment, comparing its potential with Coin Master, and exploring its genesis and strategic pivots in an interview with Scopely GM and product VP Massimo Maietti. Notably, discussions about Monopoly Go's user acquisition spend generated considerable attention and controversy, with estimates ranging from $300k to $4.5 million, prompting Scopely to assert the game's profitability.

Following Monopoly Go, Century Games' Whiteout Survival and Blizzard's Warcraft Rumble garnered attention from the esteemed panel of readers. Whiteout Survival's subtle evolution of idle and 4x strategy mechanics earned recognition, while Warcraft Rumble was lauded for its compelling gameplay, particularly appealing to old-school WoW fans.

While Honkai: Star Rail had a lucrative launch year akin to Monopoly Go, it received only a single nod in the poll. The article speculates that Mihoyo's expansive and expensive games might be perceived as operating in a league of their own, potentially explaining the limited votes.

Looking ahead to 2024, the article anticipates exciting developments, including the stylized sci-fi entry Zenless Zone Zero, Activision's Warzone Mobile, and Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed Jade. Additionally, it raises questions about potential global launches for Candy Crush 3D from King and Clash Mini from Supercell, along with new entries like Mo.Co and Squad Busters. pledges to provide continued coverage and exclusive insights throughout 2024, possibly expanding its team of writers. Readers are encouraged to subscribe to the newsletter to stay informed about the dynamic landscape of the mobile game business.

Source: adapted from an article by Neil Long, Founder and Editor for

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