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Xsolla acquires Lightstream, Rainmaker, and Api.Stream

Xsolla, a prominent video game commerce firm, has made a strategic move by acquiring three key assets: Lightstream, Rainmaker, and API.Stream, which were previously owned by Creative Solutions, a subsidiary of Videndum Group.

With these recent acquisitions, Xsolla is poised to significantly expand its Xsolla Partner Network and bolster its business operations in the domains of streaming and gaming content creation. These new tools and resources offer a wealth of possibilities for developers, publishers, creators, and their audiences.

Lightstream, a cloud streaming service that first emerged in 2014, is among the gems in this acquisition. It subsequently birthed API.Stream, which empowers developers with the ability to construct live video systems, contributing to the growing landscape of interactive and engaging gaming content.

Additionally, the acquisition encompasses, a platform that allows content creators to efficiently monitor and report live streaming data across popular platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. This functionality is an invaluable asset in the hands of content creators looking to gain insights and optimize their reach and impact.

Commenting on this significant development, Xsolla's CEO, Chris Hewish, affirmed the company's commitment to enhancing the gaming community's experience. "The acquisition of Lightstream, Rainmaker, and reinforces our dedication to delivering extra value to the gaming community and making the Xsolla Partner Network an all-encompassing solution for developers, publishers, creators, and their audiences," he said.

This acquisition comes on the heels of Xsolla's recent purchase of AcceleratXR, an in-game server backend provider specializing in live service games. These strategic moves signal Xsolla's determination to play a pivotal role in the evolving gaming industry by offering an array of services and solutions to cater to the diverse needs of developers and content creators. Stay tuned for further developments in this dynamic sector.

Source: Jeffrey Rousseau, Staff Writer for

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