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SplitMetrics Unveils Apple Search Ads Average Conversion Rate Soaring to 65.37%

SplitMetrics, a global software company offering an ecosystem of products and services for app growth, has recently released a comprehensive industry report called “SplitMetrics Apple Search Ads Search Results Benchmarks Report”. It offers a detailed overview of the market changes and overall channel dynamics in 2023, and is aimed for mobile developers and marketers to better understand current trends and compare their app performance against the benchmarks. 

The report is based on the aggregated data from apps and mobile games that optimize Apple Search Ads campaigns using SplitMetrics Acquire – an AI & ML-driven platform for Apple Search Ads management, automation & optimization. 

The data covers:

  • Period: January - December 2023

  • Keywords: 7.7 million

  • Impressions: 2.54 billion

  • Taps: 253.4 million

  • Downloads: 166.7 million

  • Categories: 15

  • Countries: 61

On top of quantitative metrics, it’s packed with expert advice, actionable insights, and real-life success stories to help mobile developers and marketers increase their app’s visibility and performance in a highly competitive environment.

Key highlights from the report:

  • Average conversion rate for Gaming in 2023 reached 62.38%.

  • In the first half of 2023, the average TTR was 10.22%.

  • During 2023, the average CPT was $1.59.

  • In 2023, the average CPA decreased compared with the first half of the year ($3.21) and reached $2.58, while the average CPA for Gaming was $2.44.

Get this report to learn more benchmarks and discover experts tips on how to improve your campaign performance.

SplitMetrics has also recently launched SplitMetrics Acquire Starter Plan, a free AI-powered platform for effective Apple Search Ads automation and optimization. It is designed to help growing businesses boost their ROAS and decrease CPA. Sign up for efficient Apple Search Ads campaign management with intelligent automation, real-time market insights, and full funnel reports. 


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