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Gamelight delivers impressive 257% of ROAS D7 to D30 growth in Japan and Korea and 230% in the UK for JOYCITY
Gamelight promoted the strategy game “World War: Machines Conquest” published by JOYCITY in Japan, Korea, and the UK on Gamelight’s game recommendation platform and was aimed to achieve ROAS D7 to D30 growth. 
Gamelight is the largest rewarded mobile marketing platform globally. Our award-winning AI Algorithm analyzes user behaviour, playing patterns and demographic data to maximize partners ROAS, ARPU and Retention Rate.
JOYCITY is a Korean mobile games publisher whose mission is to bring joy to people worldwide with their games. JOYCITY is constantly changing and growing, focusing on “fun” and “pleasure”, which are the company’s core values. JOYCITY is continuously developing and researching new technologies based on production and development optimization and operation and service advancement.
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World War: Machines Conquest is a challenging resource management and tactics military game that places its players in control of a base of operations where they'll have to go up against not only AI-controlled powerful battalions, but also fearsome players from all over the world in real time.
About “World War: 
Machines Conquest”
To promote the title, we used our AI algorithm in a synergy with open targeting. This approach provided us with the ability to input a vast amount of data into the algorithm. Open targeting expanded our reach to new untapped audiences, and our revolutionary algorithm effectively reached the users more inclined to convert. The algorithm is engineered to optimize key metrics including ROAS, ARPU, Engagement Rate, and Retention Rate, aiming for the highest level of performance in promoting the partner's titles.
During the campaign execution, we achieved a remarkable 257.61% ROAS D7-D30 growth in JP and KR and 230.20% growth in the UK.
roas d7-d30 growth:
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In conclusion, Gamelight sucessfully promoted JOYCITY’s title “World War: Machines Conquest” and has delivered exceptional 257% of D7 to D30 growth in Japan and Korea and 230% D7 to D30 growth in the UK.

With the help of Gamelight’s AI algorithm, the campaign not only reached significant ROAS milestones, but also effectively engaged with the target audience.
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