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Endless Clouds and Immutable forge a strategic partnership

Immutable, the Web3 gaming platform, has joined forces with mobile game studio Endless Clouds to bring forth two eagerly anticipated titles: Treeverse and Capsule Heroes. These games are slated to be developed on Immutable zkEVM, powered by Polygon, with a planned mainnet launch in early 2024. The initial release of Treeverse and Capsule Heroes will involve open alpha and beta formats, allowing the gaming community to actively provide feedback and influence the final versions.

Treeverse, an immersive MMORPG set in the enchanting city of Lorwick, offers players the opportunity to explore a rich world, battle monsters, and gather resources for crafting equipment. On the other hand, Capsule Heroes, a PvP brawler, introduces various game modes like Occupy, Team Deathmatch, and Survival, emphasizing customization with unique character skins and focusing on skill, strategy, and teamwork.

Endless Clouds, led by founder Loopify and backed by notable funds such as Animoca Brands, Skyvision Capital, and Momentum 6, has achieved recognition with nearly $100M in NFT trading volume. This success underscores the studio’s ability to create captivating gaming experiences resonating with the Web3 community.

Loopify highlighted community support and revealed the strategic decision to feature Treeverse and Capsule Heroes on Immutable’s zkEVM technology. Robbie Ferguson, President & Co-Founder of Immutable, emphasized that this partnership signifies a significant milestone for the gaming industry and showcases the maturity of the blockchain vertical.

In addition to the collaboration, Endless Clouds will integrate with Immutable Passport, a single sign-on solution launched in December 2023. Passport simplifies managing gamers’ identities and digital assets across games, aiming to enhance the onboarding experience for Treeverse and Capsule Heroes players.

Robbie Ferguson emphasized the commitment to creating a seamless experience for players and developers, anticipating increased activity and participation in both titles. With Endless Clouds’ strong community support and Immutable’s comprehensive gaming solutions, Treeverse and Capsule Heroes are positioned to drive the adoption of blockchain gaming in 2024.

Source: adapted from an article by Baytan Uğur Yem, Author for Mobidictum.

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