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The Collective Ace Group purchases By Aliens

The Collective Ace Group, renowned for its gaming services, has further strengthened its position in the gaming industry by integrating By Aliens into its ecosystem, creating a comprehensive one-stop service hub. This strategic move bolsters The Collective Ace Group's capabilities by assimilating over 70 gaming experts and incorporating By Aliens' $15 million annual revenue into its existing portfolio.

Founded by René Retz, Javier Parejo, and Cayan Appel, By Aliens has garnered recognition in the gaming community for its highly successful casual gaming franchise, "Bid Wars." With the franchise boasting a global fan base exceeding 75 million, By Aliens' proficiency in game development and publishing seamlessly aligns with The Collective Ace Group's vision for expansion and innovation.

Josh Harlan, founder of Harlan Capital Partners and the largest investor in The Collective Ace Group, expressed enthusiasm for the acquisition, highlighting its potential to enhance the group's capabilities in publishing, user acquisition, and growth. Parth Das, Founder of The Collective Ace Group, emphasized the synergies unlocked by joining forces with By Aliens, stressing the opportunity to scale up operations and penetrate new markets.

René Retz, founder of By Aliens, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the alignment between By Aliens' vision and The Collective Ace Group's strategic objectives. With previous investments in studios across Latin America, Retz underscored the potential to extend capabilities throughout the game development value chain, expressing excitement about contributing to The Collective Ace Group's global strategy and growth trajectory.

The acquisition of By Aliens underscores The Collective Ace Group's dedication to expanding its presence in the game industry. Leveraging By Aliens' expertise and The Collective Ace Group's resources, the collective aims to solidify its position in mobile game development and publishing, paving the way for continued success and innovation in the gaming landscape.

Source: adapted from an article by Baytan Uğur Yem, Author for Mobidictum.

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