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74% of women play mobile games daily, and 67% see mobile gaming as a vital source of ‘me time’

A recent study sponsored by GameHouse has revealed that 74% of women across all age groups play mobile games on a daily basis. Among them, 33% play games once or twice a day, while 41% indulge in gaming multiple times throughout the day.

Conducted by Pollfish to commemorate Women's History Month, the research involved surveying over 800 women from the United Kingdom and the United States. The findings highlighted that 67% of respondents considered mobile gaming as an essential source of "me time," with nearly 73% of women aged 35 to 44 expressing agreement with this sentiment.

Simonetta Lulli Gómez, CEO of GameHouse, emphasized the company's commitment to providing an exceptional mobile gaming experience that caters to women's preferences. Gómez stated that GameHouse aims to create casual mobile and PC gaming experiences with relatable characters and captivating narratives, enabling women to unwind and recharge.

The study further revealed that 60% of women viewed gaming as a fun activity, over 50% valued it as a method of stress relief, and 39% credited gaming for allowing them to carve out time for themselves. Two-thirds of the participants expressed that gaming helped them feel relaxed, stimulated, engaged, or focused.

In terms of preferred game genres, bubble shooters ranked as the most popular at 48%, followed by puzzle and word games (35% each), and board and collapse games (32%). The report indicated that female players appreciate games that involve problem-solving, challenge, growth, and strategic thinking.

Regarding platforms, female gamers displayed a slight preference for gaming on iOS devices (54%) compared to Android (41%).

Many respondents admitted feeling the need to limit their "me time" to a few occasions per week due to other household commitments. Approximately 46% of participants stated that they did not get enough "me time," while 32% felt they received an average amount.

Emmi Kuusikko, GameHouse's head of product strategy, insights, and growth, highlighted that women often seek "me time" but sometimes feel guilty about taking it. Kuusikko added that mobile gaming offers an ideal escape for women to unwind and have fun. GameHouse's "Me time - Game time" campaign celebrates female gamers worldwide and encourages women to embrace and prioritize their personal time. Source: By Lewis Rees, Staff Writer at Pocket Gamer

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